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MEDITATION is the number one healthy practice I would recommend.Ā In 2007,Ā my life was completely transformed after learning Primordial Sound Meditation. I've taught over 300 students how to meditate. Let me show you how I learned.Ā 
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The Method 

I teach Primordial Sound Meditation, a silent mantra-based technique, popularized by Drs. Deepak Chopra & David Simon. As a Vedic Master, I guide you to understanding how your brain works and the benefits of a solid meditation practice.  You will receive your personalized mantra and by the end of the course, you will be meditating on your own. 

The Benefits 

Practicing PRIMORDIAL SOUND MEDITATION on a daily basis will help you: 

  • Manage stress & reduce anxiety
  • Improve your relationships
  • Help you to stay centered in more in control of your life. 
  • Create inner peace
  • Enhance your sleep patterns
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Increase love and joy 
  • Connect you more deeply to spirit

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Michelle Fondin, Instructor
  • Week one: Introduction to the concept of meditation, Antidote to stress, history of Primordial Sound Meditation, The basics of a matnra-based meditation practice
  • Individual mantra instruction with Michelle. Make sure to schedule the call after completing week one. 
  • Week two: Meditation and soul homework
  • Week three: Meditation as a daily practice, How to apply meditation to your busy life.
  • Week four:  The benefits of a continued meditation practice. Evoluation of the soul. 
  • Wrap Up. 

About the Instructor

Michelle Fondin is a Chopra Center Certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor & Vedic Master. She has been teaching Chopra Center courses since 2008 and has taught over 300 students how to meditate. 

She is a former writer for Chopra Well with over 65 published articles.

She is the author of 9 published books including Chakra Healing for Vibrant Energy, Heal Yourself A Return to Wholeness & The Wheel of Healing with Ayurveda. 

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