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Twin Flame Divine Feminine Bootcamp #2 The Healing

Now is the time for you! You're on your healing journey and it's exactly where you need to be. In 15 modules you'll dive deep into yourself and your inner demons, your childhood wounds, and misconceptions about relationship with others and yourself. By the end you will feel such freedom! Let the journey begin!  (I have set up the price structure to a "Name Your Own Price" starting at $111 to help more twin flames around the world experience this healing course.)  Are you ready to heal and be happy again?  What you'll get: 15 module course including: Navigating the dark night of the soul Healing childhood wounds Moving out of ego consciousness How to let go of your past Healing and harmonizing all relationships  Over 11 hours of content  Bonus videos  Course On Demand Here is an outline of the modules in Bootcamp #2:   Introduction to Bootcamp #2 Is Reunion with Your Twin Flame the End Goal? The Shift Moving from Object Referral to Subject Referral Healing Your Wounds Moving Out of Ego Consciousness Letting Go of Your Past Self & Limiting Beliefs Bringing Your Life Back to Balance Learning How to Receive How to Harness Your Earth Angel Energy Healing and Harmonizing All Relationships Learning to Live on Earth and in Spirit at the Same Time What to Do if Your Twin Flame Divine Masculine Is Not Changing The Heart and Soul of Unconditional Love How to Stop Playing the Waiting Game and Move Forward with Your Life Bonus Material  

$111.00 USD



Hi Michelle, Just wanted to reach out and let you know I am so much enjoying the bootcamp!  Can’t wait until you post the next videos.  Thanks so much for sharing your story with us.  It’s been really great having you as a resource and guide during my journey and I am not crazy.  Everyone has a different journey but definitely have some similarities in the way everything unfolds in TF journey  ;-)…. -Susan


Ever since I took your meditation course and began meditating twice a day, my direct channel became so much clearer. I no longer question the messages I receive or doubt my intuition. Part of what I include at the start of every meditation is gratitude for being shown where there is work to be done, shadows to bring to light, wounds to be healed, negative thought templates to release. And, as I am ready, they show me. I am also guided to any tools or resources I need to assist me with the work, without fail. Honestly, I think the most important tool for anyone on the TF journey or any sort of spiritual ascension journey is to have a daily meditation practice, the type of meditation you teach. Thanks for all of your hard work! 


Before I started the bootcamp, I was going through a bit of a dark period. I just got to a point where I couldn’t do it anymore, constantly questioning myself if I did something wrong. I didn’t know what to expect when I started this bootcamp. However it was exactly what I needed. In this bootcamp I started to really reflect on why my TF was in my life and how he was bringing out all the emotional baggage that I was carrying. I learned how to change my perspective on the relationship because it isn’t an ordinary relationship, it’s spiritual, it’s your journey to self and unconditional love. Michelle got really personal and raw about her journey. She goes step by step about twin flames why it exists to even coaching on how to communicate with your TF in the 5D. Michelle is genuine and very knowledgeable. I feel more at peace with my TF journey and it helped me refocus my attention to myself because if you are taking care of yourself, you are taking care of your twin. I can’t wait for bootcamp 2 because I want to continue to heal, I want to have a healthier and happier life. Thank you Michelle for sharing your journey. P.S. No you are not going crazy, this is real lol ☺️”—Crystal C. 

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