Understand the Power of Your Birth Chart

Unlock the secrets of the cosmos with a personalized astrology reading. Explore the stars to gain insights into your unique journey. Discover the guidance the universe has in store for you. Embrace the magic of self-discovery through the celestial wonders. Explore your cosmic destiny today! 




Your birth chart is more than your sun or moon sign. It's a detailed map of your soul's journey. 

 Understand why you signed up to be here in this lifetime and what you're here to learn. 

  Through the study of your birth chart, you will discover which paths are easier for you. 


You will need your birth date, an accurate birth time, and your birth place for your detailed astrology chart reading. 
  A birth time can often be found on a birth certificate. If your mother has a good notion of your birth hour, I can work with that. 



Astrology sessions are conducted over Zoom meetings. We will record your session so you can refer back to it. 
  Lead time for astrology readings is 3 days so I can prepare detailed notes.  Please ensure you have a quiet space with minimal distractions to honor your time with your birth chart.
  No cancellations after booking. You may, however, rebook with more than a 24-hour notice before your scheduled appointment. 


If your life has been confusing and you're not sure which way to go, decoding your birth chart can clarify the best path for you. 

Book your 90-minute birth chart reading with astrologer, Michelle Fondin. Save $40 with introductory rate $259 until March 31, 2024. (Normal price $299) 

From Michelle:

"In my opinion, your astrology chart doesn't dictate who you are. Rather, it gives you clues as to whom you can become." 


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